José Maria Viedma Marti

Doctor of Industrial Engineering, a graduate in Economics and Emeritus Professor at the U.P.C., Polytechnic University of Catalonia (School of Professional & Executive Development) in Barcelona, Spain. He teaches on the subject of knowledge management, intellectual capital management and Knowledge-based development.


He has held top executive positions in computer services and management consultancy firms. He is a founding partner of "M.A. Fusiones y Adquisiciones".


He is an advisory board member of :


 He is a regular speaker in international conferences and congresses, his current field of research and interest is focused on knowledge and intellectual capital management and he has consulted and developed management frameworks and systems worldwide on those matters.  Among them the most relevant methodologies and frameworks are:

  • OICBS Operations Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System.
  • IICBS Innovation Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System.
  • SCBS Social Capital Benchmarking System SCBS.
  • CICBS Cities' Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System.
  • RICBS Regions' Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System.
  • NICBS Nations' Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System.

 He has been in the research and development groups of the following european projects:

  • InCaS-Intellectual Capital Statement-Made in Europe.

  • MIKE Project. (Management of Intangibles in the Knowledge-based Economy)
  • CADIC. Cross-Organisational Assessment and Development of Intellectual Capital.


Professional and scientific board memberships:


  • ACAV. (Value Analysis Catalan Association).


  • CISC (Comunidad Iberoamericana de Sistemas de Conocimiento).
  • Founder member and Spain's ambassador of "The new club of paris" (Knowledge Based Development).

  • Founding member of IAKM (International Association of Knowledge Management).

Organising committee memberships:

  • European Conference of Knowledge Management. (ECKM).
  • International Conference on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management (ICICKM).
  • European Conference of Intellectual Capital (ECIC)
  • International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD)
  • Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy (TAKE)